Monday, August 29, 2005

MPAD#8 -- This Night Has Opened My Eyes

(This is the fabulous pic. Paul took of Erica Durance)

Most People Are DJ's #8 could be my best podcast yet!

It's the Poptopia/Most People Are DJs crossover episode as Paul French and I spar back and forth over who our favorite superhero is, what we thought of the Toronto Comic Convention, what we think of Marilyn Manson and more!

songs by The Mobius Band, The Positive Touch Experience

Media Clip by Marilyn Manson

And a really funny mashup (you'll have to listen to find out what it is)

So check it out on Friday, September 2nd.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

MPAD # 7 I Started Something I Couldn't Finish

So, here's what on this weeks episode of Most People Are DJ's:
Go to Most People Are DJs on Friday morning for the download!
Riddle of Steel
Say Hi To Your Mom
End of the Century
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Dane Cook
Podcast Nods:
Comic Geek Speak
Evil Genius Chronicles

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Preview to this Weeks Most People Are DJs

Since my podcast is taking over the majority of my free time I'm going to use this blog as an extension of it. Here are some of the topics I'm planning for this weeks show:
Music: The Orange Peels
Ten In the Swear Jar
Reviews: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Once Upon A Time In Mexico
a mashup from Mashuptown Radio
and more!

There's been a bit of disturbing news on the podcasting front that the RIAA may start cracking down on podcasts that play unliscensed music. While, like most podcasters, I get permission for most of what I play, I think we should be able to play whatever we want because the quality is similar to FM Radio. Those people that are editing podcasts to get music are not getting very high quality music. If the labels were smart they would look at podcasts as another avenue of promotion like so many friendly indie bands do.