Friday, June 17, 2005

Just got back from California -- again. I hurt my back yesterday, so I've just spent two hot and sunny days (with Michigan it could be the only two we get!) inside laying down with an ice pack. I was lifting something heavy and I think I forgot to bend the knees.
Any way, hhre's a couple of cool new wave sites:

Old Wave Radio: New 80's Music!: #11: Valley of the Dolls Girl
Terrific Podcast spotlighting new bands that play music like I like it!

New Wave OutPost
Great site with good message board on New Wave artists. Up until recently the site owner posted hard to find 80's songs, which can be ordered on a 2CD MP3 comp, but you have to really search the site to find the link. If you find it, order the comp, 200 blasts from the pasts, including old local favorites, like Rhythm Corps!


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