Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I've Got the Power!

Growing up my brothers and I had our favorite football teams and our favorite superheores, we would forever argue over about who was best. Here were the lists:
Matt: Pittsburgh Steelers Spiderman
Mark: Green Bay Packers The Hulk
Mike (Me): Miami Dolphins Fantastic Four
Yes, in retrospect, my picks seem lame in comparasion. Hopefully, with the upcoming Fantastic Four movie all that will change! Also, maybe it's just me, but having Jessica Alba playing Ms. Fantastic, whose major power is turning invisible, just sounds like a really bad idea. "Gee, your the hottest actress out, here's a great movie role for you, you get to be invisible!" She will probably have the least used power in the movie.
Take the Super Power quiz, my power was "Super Strength" -- I don't think there's a master statiscian behind this one!


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