Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm on a Podcast!

A couple of nights ago I met up with a couple other guys at the Detroit Podcasters Group. We had a couple of beers and loads of fun -- even better we recorded it! Go to Zaldor's World to hear a half hour of the wacky antics.

Matt and Zalodor gave me the beginner's crash course on Podcasting and I think I'll be doing my own very soon. More info coming.

I checked out the premier of Stella last night on Comedy Central. It wasn't quite as good as I expected. Being a fan of the State (when is the DVD coming out!) I was looking forward to Stella since it has 3 of their cast members. I have to also say that Michael Ian Black is the best commenter on all the VH1 80's, 90's etc shows he takes part on.
Despite the oddball insanity that ensued during the show, the unecessarily, gory ending was too over the top. Let's hope Stella gets better!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Just got back from California -- again. I hurt my back yesterday, so I've just spent two hot and sunny days (with Michigan it could be the only two we get!) inside laying down with an ice pack. I was lifting something heavy and I think I forgot to bend the knees.
Any way, hhre's a couple of cool new wave sites:

Old Wave Radio: New 80's Music!: #11: Valley of the Dolls Girl
Terrific Podcast spotlighting new bands that play music like I like it!

New Wave OutPost
Great site with good message board on New Wave artists. Up until recently the site owner posted hard to find 80's songs, which can be ordered on a 2CD MP3 comp, but you have to really search the site to find the link. If you find it, order the comp, 200 blasts from the pasts, including old local favorites, like Rhythm Corps!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Not Even a Dork!


I've been getting out a bit more often these days. Which is to say I've actually been going out! So last night I thought I would check out the Les Infants Terribles party at the Corktown Tavern. A friend was supposed to join me but couldn't make it. However, as a shrewd crowd watcher and not minding myself for company, I decided to go anyway.
Not knowing what time to show up, but seeing the 10pm on the flyer, I thought I'd arrive around 10:30pm and things would shake out from there. When I arrive there's about 7 people at the entire bar, however, the guy on the barstool across from me assures me that by 12:30am-1am this place will be packed. Which is great, but my tolerance to stick it out for 2 hours is questionable. After all, staying out until midnight is a late night for me.
I stick out though, and the people start arriving in droves at 11:30pm. Lots of them are dressed in 80's "geek" attire, they have that "wish I was a teen in the 80's" look about them, with their large glasses, converse tennis shoes, and new wave haircut. In other words, they look like prime content for Vice's Don't's. The real shame is they're better off today. In the 80's we'd never get the chance to witness something this great -- we were too busy being picked on for daring to admit we liked Devo.
The place was packed and I started to move around and have fun, but kept looking at my watch trying to convince myself I wouldn't turn into a pumpkin come midnight. Even so, I left around 1am and all and all had a good time. Better, I can say I accomplished two major things:
1. I met the infameous "Uncle Grambo" of -- really nice guy that deserves major props for his awesome website.
2. There was dance song from my 80's club days that I could never figure out the name of -- I've been tracking this song down for over 15 years! The song is featured as part of John Ozais's excellent mix, he let me know the song is "Touch 3" by Secession. Now I'm on a quest to track down the MP3!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I've Got the Power!

Growing up my brothers and I had our favorite football teams and our favorite superheores, we would forever argue over about who was best. Here were the lists:
Matt: Pittsburgh Steelers Spiderman
Mark: Green Bay Packers The Hulk
Mike (Me): Miami Dolphins Fantastic Four
Yes, in retrospect, my picks seem lame in comparasion. Hopefully, with the upcoming Fantastic Four movie all that will change! Also, maybe it's just me, but having Jessica Alba playing Ms. Fantastic, whose major power is turning invisible, just sounds like a really bad idea. "Gee, your the hottest actress out, here's a great movie role for you, you get to be invisible!" She will probably have the least used power in the movie.
Take the Super Power quiz, my power was "Super Strength" -- I don't think there's a master statiscian behind this one!