Monday, May 02, 2005

I've been experimenting with listening to podcasts the past couple of weeks. There are so many out there! I have to admit the first few I checked were duds. I have a lot of respect for those putting the work into producing a podcast, but some of them (and I'm not going to mention names) are pretty lame. However, I will on occasion give a shout out to some podcasts I enjoy:
DigitalDetroitRadio is a cool podcast that features great indie music and some pretty funny stories that I can relate to, since they sound like they happen in my very own neighborhood.

RadioClash Plays mostly Mashups, but they're really good ones! And the narrator (don't remember his name) has some good commentary on music and life in general.

And like Skeet on Mischa I, too, was pretty upset George Bush bum-rushed my fave teen drama, the OC. Imagine my dismay, last night, the night I watch my taped shows to see George's ugly mug, and not Mischa's big-freakin' animesque eyes.


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