Saturday, May 14, 2005

Easy Way

The goal of my blog is to tell you about stuff that I find interesting in hopes that whomever is reading finds it intriguing enough to investigate further, or, already has a formed opinion on the subject they would like to share. Success to me is hearing back from somebody who bought/obtained something I hyped up here.
I think it's a worthy goal because it worked so well on me yesterday -- I picked up and immediately read the gripping comic, Easy Way because of the excellent recent Comicology podcast, check out the podcast.

I recently finished reading Edward Lee's Flesh Gothic. If you're not familiar with Edward Lee he writes very eroticly-charged splatter-core, which I thought I grew away from. But, after reading Lee's latest gore fest, I can say there is an unwholesome part of me that still enjoys the shock and thrill ride that only Lee can give. Flesh Gothic is the story of a mansion in Florida where a ritualistic slaughter took place. Well, clairvoyants and a reporter are called in to investigate and uncover the very depths of what a truly depraved psycho can sink too. I don't normally care for "haunted house" reads, but Flesh Gothic manages to the keep the story fresh by not focusing on the house but the inhabitants, both living and dead.


At 11:56 AM, Blogger Shamus McMurphy said...

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to say thanks for linking to comicology. I'm really happy to see that you dug Easy Way.

Take care.



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