Monday, May 16, 2005

Did you know Giant is my favorite US magazine? (Uncut is my fave.) It's like the thinking(well, not really) man's Maxim. I like Giant because they aim towards the geek in me, then add playful bits on pretty actresses that I don't have to feel like having to hide in the bathroom to read. The June/July issue features Katie Holmes (wise up, Tom Cruise is not for you), 233 things to love about Star Wars, Sci-Fi game creators, and the tons of reviews and great tid bits that are always included. The 6 issue subscription is only $7.97!

I mentioned the other day I would review NIN's With Teeth, but I read Morgan Marx's review posted to, and found it pretty much sums up not only my thoughts on With Teeth, but also the previous NIN titles.


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