Sunday, April 24, 2005

Snow, Snow Go Away!

It's been snowing like crazy (yes, I am writing this at the end of April) so I've had some to watch some movies I've taped off cable.
Just finished watching Ichii the Killer --- Sheesh, that is one gruesome movie. A lot of the violence is comical, but Miike uses so much freaking blood it's still hard to watch. There's also too much sadism in it for me. I don't mind a bit of well placed torture (Reservoir Dogs), but Ichii just packs loads of it, and most of it is placed on women. I'd say I liked Sin City better, but I really can't compare the two. I think Miike went too far in his unrelentess frenzy for violence, and unlike Sin City most of it does not involve guns. No, Ichii prefers blades and knives so there's much more limb-cutting, head-splitting scenes.
I also have mixed feelings about Ichii as a character. He's awkward, confused, shy and doesn't speak much, but does convey a lot of feeling through his eyes. Miike tries to get a bit of empathy toward him, however, after seeing what he does to people, I couldn't just say "well he's just confused about his life, isn't he!" I would recommend Ichii, if you think you can sit through it twice. With most subtitled movies, I like to watch them a second time, so I can focus less on the subtitles and more on the scenes (in Ichii's case the subtitles are a nice distraction). I feel I could put a few more pieces together to the set-ups to some of the confusing scenes if I watched it again. I'm just not sure I want to.
Another movie I recently watched and enjoyed much more was Naked Weapon. Overall a fun, well done, action movie with some risk and yes, some exploitation.


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