Friday, April 08, 2005

I'm baaaack!

Actually I've been back a few days but just haven't had time to write in. Sooooo many things to catch up on:
I saw Sin City, I'll be quick and just say it's awesome. What it's lacks in depth it makes up for with unbelievable look and action. I will say, even for my "uncoventional" taste there's too much grit, blood and gore in one movie. Both my friend and I agreed it would have been better as a muti-part hourly mini-series, like Deadwood.
Got the new Beck CD "Guero", it's aces. It has a slick, laid back, latin vibe that sounds better with every listen.
I watched this weeks episode of the Shield and now I'm starting to see the great, gritty cop drama I remember. It's good to see the sub plots on the show are developing nicely.
Here's a new entry -- the hidden horror of the week.

I read a few books while on vacation, and I've got reviews written for each so those will be coming.


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