Monday, April 18, 2005

Beck and Kaiser Chiefs

Just bought 2 CD's this week --Beck Guero and Kaiser Chiefs Employment

I bought Beck's latest because I honestly believe Beck is the hippest, baddest, coolest, pop artist that still has a career left in him. I've enjoyed both his somber side on Sea Change and his crazy, funky side on Midnite Vultures. Guero's high point is it does a fine job bridging these two sides of Beck. I also appreciate Guero gets better on additional listens. I think its great now, and week ago I thought it was just okay.
And, speaking of just okay, despite the fantastic hit I Predict A Riot, Kaiser Chief's Employment is pretty dispensible. I'll admit I bought Employment for the $6 sale at Target, but I thought I was getting a steal. KC reminds me of the Damned, only not nearly as damning. So what's left is catchy, slightly punky music that needs more risk. It's a shame because, Everyday I Love You Less and Lessis such a terriffic starter! Too bad it's ends with duds like Time Honored Tradition. And, if you name check Pet Sounds by titling a song Caroline, Yes then you better make it one hell of a song!


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