Saturday, March 19, 2005

So The Shield premier last night wasn't the coup de grace I was expecting. Tuesday night's episode had so much inside street slang and cop shop talk, I had trouble following the story. Insider,catchy dialog is only okay if I can eventually pick up what the hell is going on and ride with it. The story seemed muddled with gang names, street names and politics. If I were newcomer to show I would have lost patience halfway through. I'm also not sure what to make of Glenn Close, she played her part between being palsy with her new reports and talking tough to gangbangers. I'd rather not have her on Vic's good side, I liked the way he and Aceveda were constantly at each other'sthroats. The bright side of last night was seeing Anthony Anderson back playing a street-thug community leader.

I'm excited about Sony's new PSP portable player but I'll have to read more on it before I buy one. From the little I've read it sure sounds cool. The problem is Sony usually finds a way of screwing things up like creating it so it can't use other software, file formats etc. So we'll see. The PC I'm working on is a Sony Viao system and while it has all the bells and whistles, I've been less than satisfied by its performance.

In other news, I'm leaving town for a couple of weeks to sunny Florida. I'm sooo ready for it after countless months of snow and dreary days. So you probably won't be hearing much from me until April.


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