Saturday, March 12, 2005

Of Things Read, Seen and Listened To...1

Let's start with a book:
Legands I: This is a collection of short fantasy novels came out around the same time as the first Lord of the Rings movie. The stories in this collection include: A Stephen King Gunslinger story, which tells a nice perverted tale of the gunslinger being held captive by witches. Unfortunately, the story dragged in many parts. Robet Silverberg follows with a Majipoor story. As an introduction to Silverberg's Majipoor world, "The Seventh Shrine" is a good story that reads like a murder mystery. An Orson Scott Card "Alvin" story is next and provides the most humor of the collection. My favorite story, the last tale by Raymond E. Feist, from his Riftwar Saga, "The Wooden Boy" is bloody vengence at its best. If I'm to use this book as a gauge to pick up a book by one of author's, Feist, gets my vote. I have two other Legends volumes, I'm looking forward to these providing nice breaks between the novels I read.

On to music:
The Notwist "Neon Golden": I'm late in buying this, Neon Golden was release nearly 3 years ago as an import. Doesn't really matter though, becuase the CD sounds as if it could have been released last week. The Notwist are FINALLY the band that gets the Electronica, Post Rock balance right. On the large part for a quiet, somber CD, Neon Golden blows me away with amazing sound textures. Bits of guitar, synth, bango, noise, etc. are matched with a vocal styling that's a bit on the dull side, but sings really interesting lines on loniliness, "Pick Up the Phone" and not fitting in "One with the Freaks". The slight disppointment comes at the end with the three new tracks they slapped on. These are obvious "b" cut instrumentals and are boring. So stop listening at track 10 and you have pure perfection. This would have been my favorite CD of 2003.

Next a comic:
The Intimates#5 -- The cover hooked me into buying this one, a fantastic mix of magazine headlines and a zombie freak kid. The Intimates is like a depressing X Men, without the villans and battles. What's left is a bunch of confused, dysfunctional kids with weird abilities, in classrooms with psychotic teachers. Great graphics, neat little factiods at the bottom of the page, make reading The Intimates a pleasure. However, I'm expecting a bit more out of the story which just doesn't have the originality to match the art.

Last a movie:
Wrong Turn -- Watched this around midnight a couple of days ago. Any movie that begins with the Dream Syndicate's "Halloween" blaring from a car stereo should be good. I enjoyed the no-nonsense, let's scare the hell out of you, direction Rob Schmidt took the movie in. The plot is basically a rip off Hills Have Eyes and Texas Chainsaw with teens being chased by some seriously deranged in-breds. But, Wrong Turn does pack quite a gusto of chase scenes, that unlike so many horror movies I've seen tend to get boring quickly. As a derivative horror move, House of 1,000 Corpses probably tops it for sheer shock factor, nonetheless, as far as horror movies go Wrong Turn is a step in the right direction.


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