Saturday, March 05, 2005

Internet Radio and More

I've tried just about every internet music service there is, I've done earlier posts on E-music and MusicMatch. Recently, I've been checking out Rhapsody, one of the more popular music services. Their radio service comes free with my out-freaking-rageous Comcast broadband connection. The radio stations are better than I would have thought. My favorite is Computer Music, descibed as:
"Yesterday's and today's retro-futurist synth sounds"
Their playlist is extensive with music like Gary Numan, Japan, Pet Shop Boys, and new artists like Miss Kitten and Fischerspooner. They're currently playing The Sound, a brilliant early 80's synth band a lot of people were sadly never aware of here in the US. So, if you have Comcast take advantage of the Rhapsody service.
Another music service I subscribe to, XM Radio, I thought was king, unfortunately, I'm finding out they're treating me like their pawn. They're raising their rates from 9.95 to 12.95, which compared to Internet Radio stations is much higher. Alas, I can't listen to I.R. in the car very easily and there are some stations I do enjoy on XM -- Fred, CMU and the Move. If I find them raising their rates again anytime soon, then is one XM subscriber they can "X" off their list!


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