Thursday, February 10, 2005

More Music! More Music!

I did buy the other Bright Eyes CD today -- "Digital Ash In A Digital Urn" I think I may like this one better. A little less country, a little more indie rock!
A couple of other songs that have caught my attention are:
Kaiser Chiefs - "I Predict A Riot" The chorus is great because if you didn't know that he was saying "I Predict A Riot" you'd have no freaking idea!
Elefant - "Misfit" Yeah it sounds a bit like Interpol light but it's still catchy as hell!

I'm watching the Brit Awards right now on CBC TV, this show is so much better than most awards shows it's not even funny! I've just seen The Streets perform and Shirley Manson (I'd almost forgotten about you!) present an award. For more check out the winner's list.

And one last drop on music -- there are lots of downloading and internet services out now, and while most are buying off iTunes, besides Emusic I like MusicMatch's "On Demand" service. For $9.95 a month or less you can listen to almost any artist you like and create your own playlist of internet songs and your own downloads. This gives me the best of both worlds! With pressure from Napster to get this to your MP3 Player, MusicMatch shouldn't be far behind. Also, MusicMatch was recently bought by Yahoo! Launch the combination of these services should be great.


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