Saturday, February 19, 2005

Comic Review: Mystic

I picked up the first two graphic novel collections of Mystic a couple weeks ago, really cheap. I don't buy comics much anymore, but once in a while I still like to get my comic fill. CrossGen is a fairly successful independent comic publisher that doesn't have many superhero comics which I appreciate. Mystic is more of a fantasy with magic playing a major role. "Rite of Passage," the first collection tells the origin of Mystic, as a party going girl, Giselle Villard absorbs powerful spirits giving her amazing magical powers. The conflict is the powers should have went to her sister, Genevieve, and were also taken from the Guild Masters that rule Ciress, Giselle's world. Giselle tries to master her powers while the Guild schemes a way to get them back, with Genevieve caught in the middle. "Rite of Passage" also includes many articles on the writing and artwork behind Mystic which are interesting. While, the storyline is good and the artwork is terrific, Mystic suffers from just playing by the book. Nothing outrageous happens and the story predictable. This doesn't take away from the goregeous look of the comic or Giselle, who is potrayed as very attractive (what comic heroine isn't?).
The second graphic novel, "The Demon Queen" picks up the storyline with the Guild again going after Giselle with a demon queen they've summoned. While the story is a little quicker paced than "Rite of Passage," it's not quite as interesting. My real complaint about Mystic, and what really kept me from thoroughly enjoying it, was her talking pet, Skitter. Of all the cliche comic elements to drag into a comic, why the talking pet that meddles into everything? Well, there's always the artwork to enjoy...
One last note on the subject, these graphic novels were individually priced at $19.95 each, which is typical for GN's. In my mind this is just way too much money to ask. I paid $1 for each, a steal in my book (I should be able to get $5 a piece on eBay).


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