Thursday, February 17, 2005

An Athlete I Like!

After 3 so-so episodes, I decided to stop watching Pointe Pleasant tonight, there's just not much in it for me. It's disappointing because the executive producer, Marti Noxon, wrote many Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel episodes. The problem with PP is the cool kids are the main characters and plays too much like a bad teen soap (hell, I already watch O.C. I don't need another!). The great thing about Buffy was that they were cool geeks and had a sense of humor. All PP has is a pretty blond with fantastic eyes. Maybe, I'll keep it on with the volume down!

I'm listening to Antony & the Johnsons right now and it's very good, but I'm going to save more on him for a later post. What I'm going to write about is a band I just discovered by the name of Athlete. Apparently, I'm not as up on bands as I like to think, because the CD I'm listening to "Vehicles and Animals" was released in 2003. Their new CD "Tourist" was just released on Jan. 31 st. "Vehicles and Animals" is one of those rare albums that I like immediately as I'm listening. A nice mix of indie pop, white boy R&B, quirky keyboards and electronics. The vocalist is very good and the songs have this great way of mixing subtlely bizarre moments with catachy pop hooks (a little bit Beck or Flaming Lips but not really) . Some of their choruses even remind me of ("gasp") boy bands. The song you have to check out by them is "Shake Those Windows" it's glorious!


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