Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The latest and greatest -- IR Ripping

I just discovered Internet Radio Ripping and let me tell you this is a pretty cool deal! Let's start with years ago I used to stay up until midnight and try my best to tune in a good signal to "Brave New Wave." One of the coolest alternative music programs to ever air. I'd tape the program as much as I could becuase I knew the program was special.
Internet Radio started getting good a few years ago with special programming and thousands of stations, but, it wasn't worth listening to without broadband. Today, there are fewer stations, but I have broadband so I can catch internet radio when I want -- but, I can't listen to it at work -- we have firewalls; and I can't listen to it in the car. What's a music fanatic to do?
Well, there are a few new programs that you can use to rip Internet Radio into MP3's, and even better, the tracks are seperated as individual files! Some would say this is going too far, for high quality stations this would be like stealing. I say, get off my cloud! It's just evolution, baby! It's called technology advancement, and it's just like those cassettes I would make but easier. I'm recording four stations right now, alternative, goth/industrial, electronic and something wacky. Later, I preview the tracks and burn a couple of CD's for my drive to work tomorrow. Will it stop me from buying CD's? As we'll continue to learn from my Blog, I stopped doing that a while ago. If you want to start ripping radio download StationRipper!


At 12:38 PM, Blogger Dennis Lembree said...

Thanks again for the music application tips. And I agree with you on your views on technology...


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