Thursday, August 19, 2004

Emusic is good music!

I've been a member of Emusic for over 3 years. If you're a person that loves music and doesn't mind searching and experimenting I highly recommend it! They offer 40 tracks a month for $9.99, I always find myself downloading the 40 and wanting more. Emusic makes it a point to support independent music and I admire their stance. They are working on upgrading their site in September so now is the time to join. Here's a quote from their recent press release --
"We are committed to enhancing eMusic's position as the only digital music service 100% focused on the needs of independent consumers, labels and artists. Our passionate and expert editorial team is unprecedented in any online music service and is the foundation of our new offering."
Occasionally, in my blog I'll include reviews of CDs or tracks I download from emusic.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Lost Book!

I started reading Laurell K. Hamilton's Guilty Pleasures this weekend. I read about 100 pages and I seem to have lost the book. I think I actually sat it on top of my car -- then drove off! I'm a little absent-minded sometimes. The thing is I can't decide whether it's worth replacing. The book was a little too over dramatic for my tastes. And for being the first book, Hamilton doesn't do much to explain the characters, I guess you're supposed to pick it up as you go along. I went to the used bookstore today and they didn't have a copy. If I don't find it tonight I'll have to decide what I'm doing otherwise it'll bother me too much. I try never to start a book I can't finish -- but, I could consider this extenuating circumstances!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Give Prince a Chance

I'll be honest with you, back in my high school days in the 80's I was not a Prince fan. I was so caught up in some of my "non-conformist" punk rock leanings, I wouldn't even give him a chance. I think I might have been a bit frightened off by his unbridled sexuality. Hell, I was listening to "Lady Cab Driver" in the car by myself today -- and I still got a bit red in the face! I had a chance to see Prince live a few weeks ago for $12.50 and I jumped at the chance just because I knew he'd put on a good show. Which is a understatement -- he put on a great show! Amazing guitar solo's, unbelievable funk arrangements with extended songs, shortened versions, and an acoustic set. I'm now catching up on the old Prince stuff, and for white boy that enjoys deep funk -- I can't believe what I missed out on. I'm also disppointed because, it's exactly his unwillingness to compromise and his willingness to knock down boundries that I should have embraced.
If you're too young to have gotten into Prince, or if you haven't listened to Prince in awhile, I say give Prince a chance! His new record, Musicology is very good. See for info on Prince's latest.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

My ugly mug!

This is Me! Posted by Hello Books: Green Lantern/Green Arrow Collection - Volume 1 Books: Green Lantern/Green Arrow Collection - Volume 1

I just finished reading this collection of comics that was originally published in 1971. When I first started collecting comics, GL/GA was an early favorite. Re-reading these today, they come across as dated and hokey, but, the innocence, integrity of the writing and artwork keeps it compelling. The writer, Denny O'Neil also made a real attempt at exploring social issues, which for a comic book at this time was revolutionary. Plus, it stars Black Canary, if you know of a better looking heroine let me know! I read the entire series (that would be vols I&II) in about 5 sittings. Good fun!

My first Blog!

So, I know that's probably the title of almost everybody's first entry, but, it makes sense! Please don't be put off by the title "Mikel's O.D." The title comes from a zine I was part of some time ago -- O.D. which stood for Opinon Dominated. The zine now exists as a website I started this Blog to get back to a more regular writing habit to express my opinions and views on music, books, etc. which may also get re-edited and posted to the O.D. website. I also want my Blog to cover some personal issues, such as health, society, political views.
Hopefully, if you share an interest in the realm of things that cross my fancy you'll find Mikel's O.D. a worthwile visit.